Submit an event proposal


Events such as workshops are an opportunity for experts to intensively discuss specific themes related to phospholipid research in the presence of an interested audience. The PRC particularly welcomes the promotion of events offering practical demonstration courses and active discussion rounds. In order to get a lively discussion going, experts with different opinions in the field should participate and select controversial themes and topics. The results of the event should be published in the form of reports or in a (popular) scientific journal or newsletter.

As part of the event proposal, it is essential to explain clearly and in detail the purpose of the meeting and the relevance and expected contribution to the phospholipid research field. Please use the template that is provided for your application. In the event documentation, the Phospholipid Research Center should be clearly mentioned as sponsor. In addition, the flyer of the Phospholipid Research Center should be made available to the participants of the event. Further supporting information can be provided as an attachment or in the cover letter.

Events will be funded partially or completely. In addition, we will contribute to the success of your event by displaying the date and content on our homepage. The results of the meeting should be published with reference to the Phospholipid Research Center.

The Scientific Advisory Council of the Phospholipid Research Center will decide on the grant for the event.


Deadlines for event proposals are every calendar year on May 31 and November 30. The proposals will be kept confidential.

Please send your application and inquiries as a PDF file by e-mail to:

Receipt of proposals will be confirmed no later than 2 weeks after submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.