Funding of Phospholipid-Related Projects


Since 2006, the Phospholipid Research Center has been funding research into phospholipid excipients for pharmaceutical use. The aim is to expand the knowledge of the pharmaceutical and technical application of phospholipid excipients, their ability to improve, for example, the bioavailability and tolerability of drugs in oral, topical, pulmonary, and parenteral dosage forms, and their use as active ingredients.

If you want to see what exciting projects the Phospholipid Research Center has already funded, take a look at our Funded Projects section.

Individual researchers and research groups from all around the world are encouraged to submit a phospholipid research proposal covering one or more of the research areas mentioned above in order to apply for funding of research for non-commercial purposes. Especially PhD and Postdoc projects at academic institutes are in focus.


Contact the Phospholipid Research Center

Do you have a topic you would like to report on and discuss with other researchers? Are you looking for Phospholipids-Funding for projects? Do you have ideas for an event, such as a workshop? Then you are cordially invited to submit an event proposal.


All proposals will be treated as confidential.