Thudichum Young Scientist Award

Apply for the Thudichum Young Scientist Award

Every 2 years, the Phospholipid Research Center (PRC) presents the Thudichum Young Scientist Award to young scientists responsible for outstanding publications that focus on recent significant contributions to research into phospholipids.

Before the biannual symposium any researcher (35 years of age or younger) can apply for the Thudichum Young Scientist Award by submitting relevant scientific publications. The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) of the PRC will select the winner, who will present his/her work and receive the Thudichum Young Scientist Award at the symposium.

The winner is the guest of honor of the symposium and will receive a cash prize of €5,000 for his/her achievements. The Thudichum Young Scientist Award is presented either by a representative of the PRC or by a previous winner of the Thudichum Life Award. The winner of the Thudichum Young Scientist Award will have the opportunity to give a summary of his/her scientific achievements.

Application start: May 01, 2024

Application deadline: July 15, 2024


Written applications should contain:

  • Application letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • List of poster presentations
  • List of lectures
  • Copies (PDF) of up to three peer-reviewed publications and/or PhD thesis.


All documents are to be submitted as PDF files or ZIP files by e-mail to

An announcement that applications are being accepted is published in scientific journals, on selected internet pages, and on the website of the Phospholipid Research Center; the members and contacts of the Phospholipid Research Center also spread the word to potential candidates. Five to six weeks before the award ceremony, the SAC selects the winner, who is invited to accept the award and visit the symposium as guest of the Phospholipid Research Center.

Thudichum Life Award

No applications required

The Thudichum Life Award honors lifelong, outstanding, and innovative scientific research in the field of phospholipids. The winner of the Thudichum Life Award is chosen by the Scientific Advisory Council and Board of the PRC; an application for this award is not required.