The current PRC management team

The SAC and Management Team of the Phospholipid Research Center. From left to right: Prof. Dr. Gert Storm (Vice President PRC), Dr. Richard Wibel (Research Associate PRC), Prof. Dr. Alfred Blume (President PRC), Dr. Ralf-Olaf Quinkert, PD Dr. habil. Simon Drescher (Managing Director PRC), PD Dr. Peter van Hoogevest, Prof. Dr. Gert Fricker, Prof. Dr. Judith Kuntsche, Prof. Dr. Andreas Koeberle, Prof. Dr. Paola Luciani, and Dr. Peter Hölig. Unfortunately, Dr. Frank Martin, Dr. Herbert Rebmann (Honorary President PRC), and Ms. Britta Merz are absent.

The photo was taken at the Scientific Advisory Council meeting in July 2023 - thanks to Ina von Jeinsen.

The Board

Prof. Dr. Alfred Blume


Prof. Dr. Gert Storm

Vice President

Dr. Peter Hölig

Mr. Andreas Kolodziej


Honorary President

Dr. Herbert Rebmann

The Management Team

PD Dr. habil. Simon Drescher

Managing Director

Dr. Richard Wibel

Research Associate | Scientific Marketing

Britta Merz

Secretary to Managing Director

PD Dr. Peter van Hoogevest


Dr. Franziska Drescher

Research Assistant


The Scientific Advisory Council supports the Board and the Managing Director and has counselling functions. Members of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Phospholipid Research Center sit on the jury which selects the Thudichum Award winners.

The Advisory Council has the following members:

Prof. Dr. Alfred Blume

Prof. Alfred Blume has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) since its inception in 2006 and President of the Phospholipid Research Center since 2016. He is chemist and physical chemist by training and an Emeritus of the University Halle (Saale), Germany. Prof. Blume is an absolute expert in the biophysics and physical chemistry of phospholipids.

Prof. Dr. Gert Fricker

Prof. Gert Fricker, who works in the Department Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmacy at the Heidelberg University, Institute for Pharmacy & Molecular Biotechnology in Germany, is a biochemist by training and has been a member of the SAC since 2006. He is a well-known expert in the field of brain drug delivery and oral delivery using phospholipid drug delivery systems.

Dr. Peter Hölig

Dr. Peter Hölig is pharmacist by training and has a PhD in pharmaceutical technology. He worked at Abbott/AbbVie in the formulation and process development and later at Evonik Nutrition & Care in the strategic innovation management. Since 2020 Dr. Hölig is working at Lipoid GmbH and he is heading the buiness development.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Koeberle

Prof. Andreas Koeberle is biochemist by training and has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. His research interest are the elucidation of the action mechanisms of anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory drugs, especial poly-pharmacological natural substances such as phospholipids. His emphasis is on lipid metabolism and the biosynthesis of bioactive lipids. Starting in 2020, he will be Professor at the University of Innsbruck, Austria and will be conducting research on vegetable drug substances.

Prof. Dr. Judith Kuntsche

Prof. Judith Kuntsche is associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark. She is pharmacist by training and has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology. Her research focus is on colloidal lipid drug carriers, the use of asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation, and exploration of (transdermal) drug delivery.

Prof. Dr. Paola Luciani

Prof. Paola Luciani is Professor for Pharmaceutical Technology / Galenics in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Bern, Switzerland. She is chemist by training and her research focuses on oral phospholipids and liver fibrosis; she is exploring novel, non-invasive targeted diagnostic possibilities for liver fibrosis, lipid-based therapeutics for liver fibrosis, and their impact on extracellular vesicles, and is involved in the development of phospholipid-based depot technology for sustained drug release.

Dr. Frank Martin

Dr. Frank Martin is a biologist and biochemist by training, and is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of the company Delpor Inc. He has been amember of SAC since 2006. He has a long industrial pharmaceutical career in the development of liposomal dosage forms (Sequus, Alza) and other drug delivery systems.

Dr. Ralf-Olaf Quinkert

Dr. Ralf-Olaf Quinkert is chemist by training and has a PhD in Chemical Engineering. He is heading the department for instrumental analytics at Lipoid GmbH and is deputy head of the quality control unit. He is an expert in phospholipid analytics and other lipid substances.

Prof. Dr. Gert Storm

Prof. Gert Storm is a (bio)pharmaceutical scientist in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. His research interests are in the fields of biopharmaceutics and advanced drug delivery/drug targeting. He is a professor (Targeted Nanomedicine) at Utrecht University and is also a professor (Targeted Therapeutics) at the University of Twente’s (Netherlands) MIRA Institute.

PD Dr. Peter van Hoogevest

PD Dr. Peter van Hoogevest is an adjunct professor at the University of Basel, Switzerland. He has been Managing Director of the Phospholipid Research Center (2012-2021) and has been chairing the SAC meetings since 2012. He is pharmacist by training and has a PD in Biochemistry. Dr. van Hoogevest has been involved in industrial (Ciba-Geigy, Novartis) and academic research with phospholipids since 1978.