Phospholipid Research: Funding & Exploring

The independent Phospholipid Research Center connects scientists interested in phospholipids from academia and industry all over the world. Our aim: to discover and utilize the full potential of phospholipids.

Phospholipids are already included in numerous approved drug products, but their potential is far from exhausted: Phospholipids are extremely well tolerated, and their capabilities go far beyond those of conventional emulsifiers or solubilizers.

The Phospholipid Research Center is dedicated to exploring and using this latent potential. We promote research into new and optimized applications for phospholipids, with a special focus on the development of new and improved dosage forms for pharmaceutical use.

Because of the diversity of the use and properties of this fascinating group of substances, networking among international scientists with various interests in phospholipids is necessary and one of the fundamental tasks of our institute.

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