Outstanding performance and commitment deserves recognition


The Phospholipid Research Center recognizes and honors persons who have rendered outstanding services in the field of phospholipid research and development and/or made significant contributions to the performance and build-up of the Phospholipid Research Center by awarding them honorary memberships. We aim to use this accolade to thank our honorary members and also encourage young talents to strive for similar achievements.

Honorary members

No membership fee

Your benefits

  • Representative of the PRC at scientific meetings
  • Attendance at the Scientific Advisory Council meetings

Prerequisites for a honorary membership

Persons with a natural science and/or life science background in prominent public or private positions may become honorary members. Furthermore, any person who has earned special merits with regard to the research center may become an honorary member.


Honorary members will be elected by the general assembly meeting on proposal by a member. The election must be accepted by 2/3 of the attending members. Further details on honorary membership shall be determined by internal regulations.