Our vision & mission


We want to translate the physiological and physicochemical properties and benefits of phospholipids into their optimal pharmaceutical use as excipients.


We promote and provide a foundation for the use of phospholipids in pharmaceutics.


A primary point of contact

In the pharmaceutical field, the Phospholipid Research Center is the primary point of contact for all questions regarding phospholipids. We support scientists and developers from academia and industry by providing scientific and practical information on phospholipids.


Fostering research

We facilitate scientific projects (PhD dissertations and postdoctoral research) and support them financially. We also tender awards for outstanding scientific work and special phospholipid research achievements.


Practical applications

We provide assistance in the use of phospholipids through practical laboratory courses that emphasize current topics. Individual questions can be specifically addressed and answered together.


Nurturing scientific dialogue

We encourage networking among scientists, developers, and experts from all disciplines worldwide. We organize PRC symposia and meetings for the purpose of bringing about face-to-face meetings. We also provide support for appropriate external events.


Publications and consulting

We assist in the preparation of international monographs and directives and advise on regulatory issues.