Lipids 2021

The Lipids 2021 Conference will take place as a hybrid event in Moscow, October 11-13, 2021 at the Shemyakin–Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. Conference languages are Russian and English. Visual materials for oral and poster presentations are to be made in English.

As part of this conference, the Phospholipid Research Center will organize a half-day workshop entitled "Progress in Pharmaceutical R&D on Phospholipids" on October 12, 2021.

So far, we have commitments from the following reputed scientists giving a seminar at this event:

  • Prof. Dr. Chezy Barenholz (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Huwyler (University of Basel, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Dr. Avi Schroeder (Technion Haifa, Israel)
  • Prof. Dr. Gerald Brezesinski (Institue of Applied Dermatopharmacy, Halle, Germany)
  • PD Dr. Peter van Hoogevest (PRC, Germany)


For more information, please visit the webpage.

Conference Topics

  • Lipid drug delivery systems
  • New lipid-based medicines
  • Molecular biology of lipid system protein
  • Lipidomics (general, special, medicinal, and food lipidomics)
  • Structure and functions of lipids
  • Bioeffector lipids
  • Membrane biophysics
  • Synthetic and analytical chemistry of lipids