18th Liposome Research Days 2024

The 18th Liposome Research Days "Delivering Innovation and Driving Applications" will take place from June 26-29, 2024, at the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC), University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.

Esteemed international experts will present comprehensive overview lectures, offering a global perspective on the latest advancements. They will also be available for networking opportunities with fellow experts, academics, and emerging professionals. Researchers and trainees aspiring scientists from both academia and industry will present cutting-edge research in critical areas, including vaccines, gene therapy, gene editing, chemotherapy, and (phospho)lipid and membrane biophysics.

The LRD conference is organized by Prof. Dr. Yvonne Perrie (U Strathclyde), Prof. Dr. Terry Allen (U Alberta), and Prof. Dr. Pieter Cullis (U British Columbia).

For more information, please visit the Conference homepage.

Session by the Phospholipid Research Center

The Phospholipid Research Center will organize a session including speakers from ongoing or finished PRC projects:

  • Professor Dr. Wafa Al-Jamal (U Belfast, UK) - Liposome-Indocyanine Green J-Aggregates as Biodegradable and Highly Stable Photothermal Agents
  • Professor Dr. Jai Prakash (U Twente, The Netherlands) - Immunostimulating liposomes targeting M2 macrophage to eradicate cancer
  • Junior-Professor Dr. Philipp Uhl (U Heidelberg, Germany) - Liposomal formulation of resistance breaking vancomycin derivatives