Award Winner 2015



The Phospholipid Research Center granted the 2015 Thudichum Award to Dr. Margaret Nancy Holme from Imperial College London in the UK for her innovative work on shear-stress sensitive lenticular vesicles for targeted drug delivery.

A relevant publication on this topic is:
Holme, M. N., Fedotenko, I. A., Abegg, D., Althaus, J., Babel, L., Favarger, F., Reiter, R., Tanasescu, R., Zaffalon, P. L., Ziegler, A., Müller, B., Saxer, T., Zumbuehl, A. “Shear-stress sensitive lenticular vesicles for targeted drug delivery.” Nature Nanotech, 7, 2012, pp. 536-543.

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Prof. Crommelin held the laudatory speech and congratulated Dr. Margaret Holme for winning the first Thudichum Young Scientist Award.


Prof. Yechezkel (Chezy) Barenholz
Prof. Daan Crommelin