Virus-like liposomes targeting CD169+ dendritic cells as a novel carrier for cancer immunotherapy

Assoc. Prof. Dr. J. den Haan1), University of Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Y. van Kooyk1), University of Amsterdam/The Netherlands

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Joke den Haan and Prof. Dr. Yvette van KooykDepartment of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, Amsterdam UMC – location VUmc, The Netherlands


Cancer is accounting for 26% of all deaths worldwide. While the introduction of checkpoint inhibitors has dramatically changed the outlook of some cancers, only a fraction of all cancer patients benefits from these therapies, mainly due to a failed immune cell activation directed to the tumor.1) Classical vaccination approaches have so far failed to boost sufficiently strong immune responses to combat cancer, and therefore there is an urgent need for new strategies to be developed to induce effective anti-tumor immune responses.2)

In this study, we propose the development of virus-like liposomes as a novel dendritic cell-targeted vaccination strategy in which we will use ligands of CD169 molecules expressed on antigen presenting cells, immune-activating viral-mimic molecules as adjuvant, and encapsulated tumor antigens.3)4) Using combination of in vitro assays and in vivo models, this study will investigate the efficacy of virus-like liposomes as novel nano-vaccine carriers that targets CD169+ antigen presenting cells for cross-presentation and tumor-specific T cell activation.

Benefit for the community

The prognosis of cancer patients, especially those diagnosed late in disease progression, is extremely poor. Therefore, new types and better therapies are urgently needed. Our aim is to develop a vaccination strategy that can be combined with other immunotherapies to prolong survival and to contribute to a better quality of life for cancer patients.

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Dr Joke den Haan and Prof Yvette van Kooyk

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