Encapsulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients into liposomes via centrifugation of w/o nano-emulsions

Prof. Dr. H. Nirschl1), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)/Germany

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Prof. Dr. Hermann NIrschlProcess Machines, Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe/Germany

People involved

Kirsten Ullmann (PhD fellow sponsored by the PRC) - KIT, Germany (kirsten.ullmann@kit.edu)

Dr. Gero Leneweit - Carl Gustav Carus-Institute, Germany


While the previous project [Production of liposomes by centrifugation of water in oil emulsions] addressed the characterization of the applied substances to produce liposomes from a water-in-oil (w/o) nano-emulsion, primary tensiometry and nano-emulsions,1)2)3)4)5)6) this research project focuses on the optimization of liposome production process.

The proof of concept of the flotation of aqueous droplets from a w/o nano-emulsion to an aqueous phase by centrifugation shows advantages in comparison to known liposome production methods: the use of solvents is redundant, and the encapsulation efficiency of hydrophilic model substances is higher than anything described in literature so far, with the potential to approach complete encapsulation. The feasibility of encapsulating several model substances will be investigated and the production process by addressing the influence of phospholipids and the utilized hydrophobic phase on the encapsulation efficiency will be evaluated. Additionally, the determination of the liposome size and stability after centrifugation and release of encapsulated substance is investigated including the influence of an isotonic buffer on the stability. As the development is driven by engineering aspects, process parameters such as the influence of temperature and centrifugal force are examined. The key elements of this study bear a strong potential for large scale industrial applications.

Benefit for the community

The following benefits are expected for researchers in the field of phospholipid science, industry and society:

  • Determination and quantification of successful encapsulation of macromolecular model API, especially proteins and RNA, by establishing a method based on spectroscopy.
  • Based on specific characteristics of the encapsulated substances, API and PL, recommendations about the possible interactions and required process parameters for optimized liposome production are given.
  • Industrial application for a liposomal encapsulation with a successful method that is controllable.
  • Novel drug delivery systems can open completely new application routes for emerging API classes such as RNA and proteins, offering chances for novel treatments of life-threatening diseases.

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Publications derived from the project:
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