Characterization of plant based hydrogenated phospholipids for cosmetic and dermal application

Prof. Dr. R. Neubert1) and Prof. Dr. G. Brezesinski1), IADP, Halle/Germany

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Neubert and Prof. Dr. Gerald BrezesinskiInstitute of Applied Dermatopharmacy at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg e.V. (IADP), Halle (Saale)/Germany

People involved

Fabio Strati (PhD fellow sponsored by the PRC) – IADP Halle, Germany (


Natural plant-based phospholipids (PLs) are interesting excipients for the formulation of macro- and micro-emulsions (ME) for dermatological and cosmetic use. Many natural PLs are available for topical formulations. Although the PLs are well described in terms of head group and fatty acid composition, their physical-chemical properties are not described in detail to enable a more rational selection for the effective design of topical formulations.

This project will characterize plant based hydrogenated PLs for dermato-pharmaceutical and cosmetic use.1)2) PLs from different plant sources as well as monoacyl-phosphatidylcholine (monoacyl-PC) will be physically-chemically characterized in selected model systems (2D monolayers, 3D dispersions, liposomes, emulsions) using HLD (hydrophilic-lipophilic deviation) and CCP (critical packaging parameter), solubility studies as well as thermodynamic (DSC and ITC), structural (SAXS, GIXD), and spectroscopic (TRXF, FTIR, Raman) methods for this purpose.

Benefit for the community

The hydrogenated phospholipid preparations can be developed to valuable excipients/surfactants for use in pharmacy and cosmetics.

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Publications derived from the project:
Strati F, Mukhina T, Neubert RHH, Opalka L, Hause G, Schmelzer CEH, Menzel M, Brezesinski G, 2022
Cerosomes as skin repairing agent: Mode of action studies with a model stratum corneum layer at liquid/air and liquid/solid interfaces
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