LNPs in Drug Delivery: Status Today and Future Trends

The International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) organizes an online seminar on "LNPs in Drug Delivery: Status Today and Future Trends".

Program & Registration

The workshop will take place as online seminar on November 28, 2023 (13:00-18:00 CET). Further information (download the program and registration form) can be found on the APV website.


Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) are a break-through in drug delivery of RNA for vaccination (COVID-19) and hepatocyte targeting (Onpattro). The course addresses the challenges and opportunities academic and industrial pharmaceutical research have to address in order to further profit from this revolution.

Top experts in this field will review the specific lipids and RNAs used in LNPs, the stabilization of LNPs by means of lyophilization, organ targeting of LNPs, beyond the liver (hepatocytes), the ongoing and future clinical use of LNPs and finally regulatory aspects of new lipid excipients in LNPs.


Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 13:00 - 18:00 (CET)

Welcome address

PD Dr. Peter van Hoogevest, PHARMANOVATION, Rheinfelden, DE and Dr. Simon Geissler, Merck Life Science, Merck KGaA, DE

Lipid Nanoparticle-mRNA Formulations and their Applications

Dr. Aditi Metha, Merck Life Sciences; Darmstadt, DE

Design and manufacture of therapeutic mRNA

Dr. Philippe Challis, eTheRNA, Niel, BE

The important role of PEGylated lipids and their innovative alternatives

Dr. Andrea Engel, Evonik Corporation, Brimingham AL, USA

Stability of mRNA-LNPs: in use and on the shelf

Prof. Dr. Daan Crommelin, emeritus, Utrecht University, NL

Limits and possibilities to use LNPs for drug/RNA targeting; Lessons learned from liposomes

Prof. Dr. Gert Storm, Utrecht University, NL

Towards personalized LNPs in the clinic’ , LNPs, compounding, cancer immune therapy, orphan diseases

Prof. Dr. Raymond Schiffelers, Utrecht Medical Centre, NL

Recent regulatory experience with lipid nanoparticle

Dr. Eva Hemmrich, University Basel, CH


Further information (download the program and registration form) can be found on the APV website.