4th International Symposium on Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Research

21th – 22th September 2015 in Heidelberg, Germany

Meeting Report

Peter van Hoogevest, PhD
Phospholipid Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany


The Phospholipid Research Center Heidelberg, organized its “4th Symposium on Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Research” from 21st to 22nd September 2015 at facilities of the University of Heidelberg, Germany. 170 researchers from all over the world attended the meeting. Eighteen seminars given by international experts in the field and 67 posters were presented.

The symposium was devoted to latest advances of the parenteral, oral and topical (skin and the lung) administration of dosage forms with phospholipids. The symposium was concluded with a Young Session chaired by Prof. Müller-Goymann at which six promising young scientists got the opportunity to present their posters, which were, because of their quality, preselected by the Scientific Advisory Board.

Poster Award 2015

The following three researchers were selected by the Scientific Advisory Board for the Poster Award for best posters and poster presentations:

  • Morphology control paves the way for drug-delivery applications of phospholipid bicelles, Mr. Johannes Klingler, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Fluorescence high-speed microscopy reveals dynamic behavior of lipid coating on ultrasound contrast agents in an ultrasound field, Dr. Klazina Kooiman, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Impact of lipid oxidization on physical properties of phospholipid monolayers and membranes, Ms. Agatha Korytowski, University Heidelberg, Germany

The Poster Award winners (from left to right): Mr. Johannes Klingler, Dr. Klazina Kooiman, Ms. Agatha Korytowski.


The Phospholipid Research Center granted 2015 the first Thudichum Award to Dr. Margaret Nancy Holme from Imperial College London in the UK for her innovative work on shear-stress sensitive lenticular vesicles for targeted drug delivery.

A relevant publication on this topic is:
Holme, M. N., Fedotenko, I. A., Abegg, D., Althaus, J., Babel, L., Favarger, F., Reiter, R., Tanasescu, R., Zaffalon, P. L., Ziegler, A., Müller, B., Saxer, T., Zumbuehl, A. “Shear-stress sensitive lenticular vesicles for targeted drug delivery.” Nature Nanotech, 7, 2012, pp. 536-543.

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Prof. Crommelin held the laudatory speech and congratulated Dr. Margaret Holme for winning the first Thudichum Award.


Prof. Yechezkel (Chezy) Barenholz
Prof. Daan Crommelin

Congratulations to Dr. Margaret Nancy Holme for her excellent scientific research!


The meeting was very successful. We had good discussions and a pleasant social program with an excellent dinner at the famous Castle of Heidelberg.